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The Caribbean is a very popular spot for families to go to on vacation. By traveling together, it makes it easier to get into all-inclusive resorts. A typical all-inclusive family package to the Caribbean offers beach and water sports, spas, dining, parties, kid-friendly programs, baby-sitting, swimming pools and water slides, and much more.

But keep in mind that not every so-called "all-inclusive" Caribbean family travel package includes absolutely everything you could ever want to do on vacation. Be sure you're clear on what your vacation package offers so that you can plan ahead accordingly. Although the package may include a wide variety of activities and features, there may be others you will want to take advantage of.

For example, your family vacation package may include snorkeling gear, but there may be a time limit that restricts how long you are able to snorkel. And if you decide to go on a snorkeling boat trip, that may cost extra as well. The same goes for skuba diving - you may have to pay extra for equipment or be limited to a certain time frame.

Along the same vein, some all-inclusive Caribbean family travel packages may include non-motorized water sports, including wind surfing and kayaking. But it may cost you extra for motorized water sports, such as water skiing.

Since you're traveling as a family, you will probably all want to be together most of the time. But what about those times you want to be without the children? The good news is that most all-inclusive resorts offer a "Kid's Club" which is a room or rooms that have TV's, toys, and video games for kids ages 4-14. In such situations, staff members would be available to provide basic care and attention.

In addition to offering activities for older children, a lot of Caribbean resorts are now providing nurseries for those traveling with babies or toddlers. Leaving the little ones there for even a few hours can give you some time to ski, snorkel, or to do other such activities that would be difficult to do with infants.

So the important thing to remember as you look for a Caribbean family travel package that best suits you, is to get as many details as possible about what is included and what costs extra. That way you are more prepared when your family travels down to the beautiful islands.
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Caribbean Family Travel Tips

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This article was published on 2011/01/13