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Does your family have goals? Do you spend time dreaming about your family's future? Creating goals as a family for your family unit is just as important as creating personal goals. Setting family goals is a super easy way to connect with each family member and learn more about how each person envisions your family and how you can work together towards common goals.

The best way to get started is to plan a family goal-setting night. This should be an evening, night, or day when every member of your family is present and able to participate in your family discussion. Once you plan this day, you should each make a commitment to lock in this day and do not allow anything else to take precedence over it.

On your special family night, you might begin by allowing each person to take a turn to discuss personal goals. By giving each person a few minutes to talk about some of their own goals and dreams, you help build a momentum of excitement.

Next, talk about some things you would like to accomplish as a family. Maybe your family has never been on vacation and this is one of your goals as a parent. Or perhaps you have an older teenager and a joint goal of parents and child is to purchase an extra car for that child to drive. Maybe your family is busy all the time and your major goal is to carve out some special family time.

Whatever your family's goals are, the thing to concentrate on is finding out what is most important to your family as a whole. Although every person in your family will all have different ideas, there will be many that will be agreed upon by everyone in your family.

After having a full discussion, now it's time to construct a plan. This plan should include measurable steps that everyone in your family can take towards achieving each goal. Everyone in your family should be included, according to age and ability. Determine how each family member can contribute in their own way, whether it's a little or a lot.

As you begin to set goals together as a family, you will also start to grow together. You will learn more about each other's strengths and weaknesses and as your family unit develops, your family goals will evolve as well.

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Creating Family Goals

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This article was published on 2010/03/27