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Learning about your family history and the personalities that constitute it is not such as big a feat as it may seem at first. It is just a matter of being patient and determined. The motivation has to come from within. You will have to want to get to know your relatives in order to complete your family tree project. Here are some tips that will help you do research on your family tree:

1. Interview your older relatives.

Don't underestimate your older relatives. They may sometimes be a pain to deal with, but the wisdom and knowledge they impart is invaluable. And more importantly, they can be a big help in starting your family tree project. Pay your granny, aunt or even grandaunt a visit and ask them to tell you everything about your family history.

2. Find out their first, middle, last and maiden names.

Ask these relatives for the complete names of your ancestors. Don't walk out of the interview not knowing who '"Teddy" was. Don't be afraid to ask for the full names of your ancestors. Get their middle names and maiden names too. Ask them to double check the spelling as you write these names down as well.

3. Find out the names of the children of these relatives.

When you are looking through public records, old yearbooks, magazines, newspapers and search engines, you will come out with a multitude of results for a certain name and family name. It is easier to link these names to your family tree if you know that children and spouses of your relatives. So don't be afraid to ask for these when you are conducting your interviews.

4. Find out where your relatives resided and some important dates related to their existence.

It is easier to know where to start researching when you know where your relatives lived and when you have a rough estimate of how old they might have been around a certain time.

5. A picture is worth a thousand words.

If your relatives cannot provide you with information on where your ancestors lived and worked, ask them if they kept old photographs of your ancestors. These pictures just might have leads as to where they lived at a certain time, where they went to school and worked and other vital information on your family history.

6. Surf the Net.

Genealogy websites are the perfect place to look when you are looking for extensive data on your family. These websites hold official public documents that have accurate information on the birthdays, occupations, spouses and children of your ancestors.

Most genealogy websites charge a certain amount so that you can access their website. But it is well worth the fee because these sites offer a wealth of information right at your fingertips. Most free sites are hard to search on. Thus, paying for these sites is a worthwhile investment.

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Family Tree Research Made Easy

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This article was published on 2010/03/30