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The concept of making your own family tree can often be a confusing one for many; a family tree is not just an outline of the past couple of generations stopping at your parents parents but a much more complex undertaking.
If you can imagine the complex network of roots underground, these represent the ancestry that you must uncover. The complex winding and twisting of these unseen roots needs to be uncovered and put into a neat orderly table which will be your family tree. The part of the tree above the ground represents the flourishing growth of that which is alive.
The stable trunk represents your family and parents where the new growth is represents the new inclusions into your family. I hope you don't mind this analogy of how a family tree can be visualised and become much more than a simple 5 or 6 stranded diagram of your ancestry.
The structure of the tree just makes sense visually to compare it with how a family tree is constructed. You have a new branch every time a new family is created. Your family tree can be withered and sad with only a few branches or a thousand year old oak with a huge array of branches.
The status that we find ourselves is the collective lives of those who have gone before us. No wonder the royal family of England are so interested in history and preserving their lineage as they are so privileged to have been born into such a family.
You may be beginning to realise now then that constructing a complete and accurate family tree is a very complicated undertaking. It doesn't have to be if you are prepared but simply running blindly into the creation of a genealogy tree is not wise. Tracing and tracking down your family tree requires careful research and for some families may actually take years if not a life time of study. I am by no means suggesting you do this but it's just a pre warning.
"Digging" up those roots that are your parents parents parents etc can be a difficult task but very rewarding. There are some amazing tools to make your life easier. Family tree creation systems and genealogy software are making it so much easier to tackle the tough task ahead.
I tell this to everyone asking me where they should start. Start by writing down your vital statistics. That is your name D.O.B and every other statistic you think would be important like your date of marriage and the details of your children. Be sure to write your name in full with maiden names for married female relatives.
You must understand now that organization is the key to the success of any project, so do the spade work now and it will make your job easier in the long run.

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Genealogy Research - Making Your Own Family Tree

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This article was published on 2010/04/02