Staycation Ideas: 4 Family Bonding Activities That Teach Values

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Especially in the present market conditions when traveling expenses have risen beyond belief. This leaves us with no other alternative but to find a way to equally enjoy and relax at home while cutting unnecessary expenditure.

Staycation is a recent phenomenon which is being highly adopted and recommended by families. It includes a schedule preparation which contains the list of activities which are fun as well as cost effective. This technique is really a boon for parents with young kids as traveling with them becomes extremely hectic. The activities that are included in a staycation should be unusual, fun and safe. These can be as extensive as camping in your yards or as small as redecorating your house provided its entertaining for members of all age groups. And while there are hundreds of such activities that you can plan and execute, these 4 activities are highly recommended to all:

Activity 1: Go on foot tours

It is quite surprising that how little knowledge that we actually have about our own home town. But to make the experience unusual, plan a walking tour for your family and make it look like an expedition. You can extend the tour for over 2 days and carry along camping stuff or even camp in a local park if it is allowed. This would hardly cost you anything and while being in the safe confines of your home town, you can enjoy an adventurous day out.

Activity 2: Volunteer

Instead of spending your time and money on a vacation, how about helping others? There are many volunteering services in every city or town and you can definitely find one in your vicinity. You can assist the elderly, teach poor kids etc. These services would not just give you happiness emerged from helping others but would teach some important values to your kids.

While you can get plenty of volunteering services such as teaching, help desk, etc but if you are planning to volunteer with kids then one of the best ways would be to assist the elderly. This would allow your kids to meet new people and bond with them.

Activity 3: Home decorating

Usually holidays come around festive seasons which provides you with ample opportunities to decorate your home. You can make homemade items such as flowers, vases which would not look beautiful but also provide your family maximum bonding time. Moreover, you can also sort out useless items in your house and put them up in a garage sale which would also ensure some fun time. While decluttering your house, you can also pack away unused or seasonal items and store them off in any local removal and storage facility which in turn would make your house look spacious and organized.

Activity 4: Gardening

If you always aspired for a beautiful backyard garden but could not take time out of your busy schedule to make one, then staycation provides you with the best opportunity to do so. You can involve your entire family in the task and watch your garden grow together. This activity would bring you and family close to Mother Nature and inculcate a feeling of respect and love for nature.

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Staycation Ideas: 4 Family Bonding Activities That Teach Values

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Staycation Ideas: 4 Family Bonding Activities That Teach Values

This article was published on 2013/09/11