Swine Flu Protection For All Without Vaccinations

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With all the buzz surrounding the issue of the Swine Flu, it is hard to differentiate fact from fiction. The hype surrounding this flu is crazy. Either the government knows something we don't ,or they are blowing this out of proportion for reasons I can only speculate about. I like listening to Alex Jones, and the scary part is he usually is right and he has a lot of information to back up his theories. He had a guest named Lindsay Williams who said that the Vaccinations they will come up with could be ineffective and the Tama-flu he states will not do an ounce of good. Even if it does there are only something like 53,000 doses per state and the 1st responders get those first so what will they come up with for the rest of us and how do we know it will be safe? Just go to Youtube.com and look up key words like Swine Flu, New World Order, Economic Crisis etc... and a myriad of views come up regarding the world situations that are happening now. It is really easy to feel out of control and frightened because of what is happening. The things that can help you in these troubled times are becoming informed, taking positive steps to take control of your own destiny and taking action to help yourself and your family and the world.

Watching CNN is not what my idea of becoming informed is. I do watch all the MSM to see what they are saying because I know this is what most of my fellow Americans are watching. I then go to the internet to do my own research. I knew 2 weeks before the economic crisis happened that on that day it would crash because of halfpasthuman.com predictive linguistics. Good thing because my company shut down most offices the next day, October 7th 2008 and I had to do something fast. I was not as unprepared as if my awareness was not in a sleep mode. Now with this flu, I knew about some solutions that could fight off viruses because of research my Mom did and she had pounded in my brain to "pay attention to what is happening". Now she has left the planet but her wisdom is deep within the recesses of my heart and I knew about Silver and the protection it could give me and my family and community relating to the Swine flu outbreak. I knew Alex Jones had talked about this and because I trust him, I found out what kind he had on his website and how I could distribute it. This is what I call taking positive steps to control my own destiny.

Taking positive steps involved finding the company that I could distribute through that carried the Silver Solution product. I found Nutronix International and quickly looked for a reputable person who could help me assimilate the information and help me learn quickly to help humanity (of course after helping myself and family get this into our bodies) and I found Jim Roche. He had a number and that was smart because I like being able to talk to some one. I take action immediately and right now time is of the essence. So I immediately ordered product, got a website and got a domain name that is easy to remember so I could easily spread the word about this solution to this virus as well as many others. I am now in control of my own destiny not only in health but also financially during the economic downturn. The product line is great but for now the Silver Solution is my main focal point because this is what is needed now. I then decided to take action to help my family and the world.

Plugging into a community and system is the best way to learn anything. You have to crawl before you walk and in this case if I as a human being know about something that is patented , safe and could help humanity is my duty to take immediate and massive action. How do I do this when I have a family, responsibilities and other multiple other commitments? I am doing what I have researched and done for many years, I am using the power of a system and of the Internet. Yes I am telling people in my community about this but in order to reach the masses, the internet is the best and most effective way to spread the word and help as many people as possible.

We can help people, make money and take control of our lives to the best of our ability with some sound practices. May your family and friends stay health and happy and may you rise above the adversity that faces our world today. Now the Government is saying that this is not as serious as we thought. However the powers that be do state that another stronger wave could come later. I hope this or any other virus will never be serious and hurt so many people. If this outbreak is serious or another outbreak happens it is always good to be prepared. As I always have stated, when someone gives you lemons in life, just make lemonade. We should always try to keep our immunity up and live life to the fullest and most abundant way we can because our life is precious and this world is precious and we need to thrive and not just mealy survive.

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Swine Flu Protection For All Without Vaccinations

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This article was published on 2010/05/07