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We all have different pasts and each has their own stories to tell. In Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, the most interesting collection of stories probably came from the most unusual family of all.

When we look at the definition of family we usually give it the meaning of a group of people related through blood whose main function is to reproduce and raise their young.

The Cullens, a family through a different kind of blood connection, truly proves to us that there is good among evil. Brought together by many unfortunate twists of events, their family remains strong despite all the forces that have and are working against them.

Each family member has their own story of how their birth came about. We see how Carlisle struggled to resist violence in his new existence; and Esme, after jumping off a cliff due to heartbreak from her loss of a child, continued to show compassion to her new adopted family.

The story of Rosalie Hale is something to be noticed as well. To be so close to the life she wanted, we can't help but sympathize towards her resentment to her new life. And little Alice, with no past to remember, charms us all with her enthusiasm and positive outlook in life.

As for Jasper, his story is probably the most violent among them. He was created for the purpose of invasion, in a place where their kind lusts for more. And though his past still haunts him, he found peace in the arms of his new family.

They say our past defines who we are today, it may be true, but it cannot dictate to us where we can belong. Their story reminds us that choices are always open to those willing to change. It also helps us to understand that there are different kinds of families and the definitions are all just as important as each other.

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Twilight - The Cullen Family

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This article was published on 2010/03/29